A new photovoltaic power plant (PPP) will generate electricity from renewable sources for the production processes of Lavena AD.
PPP Lavena operates at peak power of about 380 kWp. It comprises 1 124 polycrystalline modules occupying almost 2 250 sqm of the production facility roof and comprises 5 three-phase inverters of 60 kW each.
The project was implemented by ENERGO-PRO Energy Services. In order to meet the requirement for effective use of the roof and maximum energy production per area unit, the experts of the energy supplier relied on a special aluminum installation structure for flat roofs.
The park is also equipped with a system for monitoring, control and data collection for generated and consumed energy and surplus energy released to the grid.
“Lavena won’t stop here and that is for sure”, said Konstantin Shalamanov – Executive Director of Lavena PLC.
“We are determined to leave our imprint in the field of energy efficiency. We invested in PPP in order to control our energy consumption in more reasonable and, of course, more environmental-friendly manner. We hope that by decreasing our dependence on those energy sources that release most carbon emissions in the atmosphere, we contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.”
The new photovoltaic power plant is a natural step within the complex development of the company as a leading manufacturer of high quality and effective cosmetic products, which also implies continuous improvement of production processes while taking care for the environment and reducing the environmental footprint.