Since its establishment in 1962, Lavena masters the processing of a number of oilseeds, such as mint, lavender, fennel, dill, and sage. Through the decades, the production of Lavandula Angustifolia prevails and today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of lavender essential oil in the world.

Over 50 hectares of land with oil-bearing crops, more than half of which Lavena owns.


The two distilleries with total capacity of over 100 tons of oil. Own test laboratory, with modern, gas-chromatographic facility.


Organoleptic assessment from a perfumer.
The lavender oil meets the requirements of BDS ISO 3515.


Lavena offers on the market conventional and organic lavender oil produced according to European regulation ЕС 834/07 and ЕС 889/08, certified by CERES GmbH (BG-BIO-04).